Safe Driving

The Hype

The Hype

If I haven’t said enough about speed, let me say one more thing about spending, do not fall for the Hype. Have you ever seen a new car commercials that the Manufacturer wasn’t selling Speed, telling you how nimble this Car is 0-60 in no time flat and stops on a dime. If you weren’t going so fast you wouldn’t need such great Breaking ability, because sometimes the best Anti-lock brakes won’t save you if you are going too fast for inclement Road Conditions. My friend Harry was well Educated smart enough to be a Professor, when it comes to Driving he was Dumber than a bunch of Rocks. Over the years he has crashed at least seven fine Automobiles, one almost killed him and didn’t come away from any of them any wiser. No one had ever told him that Macho crap only worked in the Movie, as in Cannonball Run and Driven.  Recently my car driven thirty thousand miles almost rear ended another car driven by someone who doesn’t know where his turn signal is located on the steering column. Also I was going too fast on a wet Road, my Anti-locking system engaged properly but I still had to pump my Brakes and swerve away. Usually I Drive better than that but I was in a hurry.

Being in a hurry is never a good enough reason to destroy a fine inexpensively manufactured Automobile. Trust me these Days they are all cost cutting Death Traps even if they cost a hundred thousand Dollars, they are all made with inexpensive materials. When Steel was manufactured in Pittsburgh a car involved in a bad crash could endure a multiple roll over and many times the occupants walked away. Today’s Steel is not the same, we are living in such a cost effective manufacturing environment that everything being manufactured these  Days is built with materials inferior to materials manufactured fifty years ago, including Houses.

At seventeen when I bought my first car a twenty year old Buick Wildcat it was a Battleship that could withstand a wall at sixty MPH, Today my Buick Verano that cost ten times what a brand new Wildcat cost could not endure the same collision, with an Aluminum Engine and Transmission. Aluminum shatters while Steel bends. I started working on cars early so I could keep my Heaps running, so when I do my own service an a 2015 car I know what I am looking at, Plastic and Styrofoam Bumper and Aluminum instead of Steel Motor. Taken all this into consideration why would I go racing around Town like the Commercial suggest, knowing that my chances of survival in a bad crash is not the same as with my Wildcat.

My Advice to you is don’t fall for the Hype that speed is cool, it’s not, I drove commercially for many years so I had no choice many times but to speed to make timely deliveries, like the time I ran from Georgia to Clearwater Florida averaging 85Mph for eight hours, keep in mind that it was nighttime on open Road. Traveling on the Van wyck Expressway at twelve noon doing seventy, two brand new cars blew my Doors off doing 85, I was in the middle Lane, two hundred yards up ahead of me they simultaneously decided to share the middle Lane, both cars disintegrated and littered the Roadway in front of me. I had to drive on the Grass to avoid hitting one of the Driver laying in the Roadway, mindless speeding in the middle of the Day has its consequences. Don’t fall for the Hype, speed kills beautiful brilliant young people who will never see the wonderful Life they threw away for a moment’s Thrill.

For many years I drove what I could afford yet I respected every car that I drove,  Why? It was Transportation, to me that represents freedom. Isn’t that what  America is about, going from State to State and not having to show Papers.Taking all this into consideration can you tell me why the average Driver drives like a Maniac putting their lives and others at risk. What about destroying a fine Automobile all because it is insured. The State I live in has No Fault Insurance and you should see the fine Automobiles involved in Wrecks. Out of respect I treat my car as if I didn’t have insurance, every trip is taken with the utmost of care. First and foremost the car I am driving is the same make that was my first Car, I love this particular make and Model, it is one of the best made Car built in America for one hundred years.

My goal is to pass this Car on to my son because it is destined to be a Classic. This car does 170, the interior design is Classic, press a Button and it ask me to say a command, On Star, texting, WiFi ,Bluetooth and front end crash sensors, Blind Spot and Rear Sensors is available. Why would I be in such hurry to send such a fine Automobile to the Junk Yard. Not to mention loosing my Life and taking others with me. One day on my way to work the traffic came to stand still, when I got to the Accident Scene I noticed a Car costing twice what mine was Worth in the Ditch, the Roof was missing removed by the Jaws of Life, I said a little Prayer hoping that they survived. What was unique about this accident scene was there were no other Cars involved. That means the Driver was racing this fine Beast at top speed in the middle of the Day, not having any respect for that fine Automobile, his Life or yours, with devastating outcome.

Sometimes I feel like a one eyed man in the land of the Blind. Knowing that having a fine Automobile doesn’t mean you go showing off driving it at 120, but instead it is my means of transportation that takes me to the Poccono Mountains or Clearwater Beach, that is all my Automobile means to me Freedom. Not a dangerous toy that does 170. I wish that I could impress on fellow young drivers that their Predecessors have been doing this business of driving the wrong way for 100 years and the amount of Lives Lost bears me out. So when you are out there with the Pedal to the metal remember that after adding the cost of financing, insurance and maintenance that same vehicle is now costing you three times the sticker price. All the more reason you Should drive with Diligence and forget the Hype. The Buick Verano is one of the sharpest Car that Buick have ever created, High Tech, Styling and performance this car is got it. Yet as a result of cost effective blindness they discontinued it’s manufacturing, that’s ok by me because I know how to keep them new and protect the paint.

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