Tragic Encounters

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Tragic Encounters

Why is it that since the beginning of time people have always gravitated to bad instead of good. It goes all the way back to when the World was in its first Days, Adam and Eve, Cain and Able they set a trend that never will be broken. I would be a liar if I told you that I was not intrigued for a long period in my Life to go left, by seventeen I had seen enough of what the world can do, so I thought. I took a right turn and stayed the Course the rest of my Life. Why is it that so many People aren’t able to use their God given ability to exercise reason, make the right choices and do what’s right. I am no Genius but I posses the ability to use Logic and weigh things, to use  rationality as we all do but don’t, and so from my Teenage life I have exercised Rationality, which have kept me from committing Murder and staying out of Prison. In Venezuela there are Notorious Murderers only twelve years old. In the U.S. during the height of the Drug Wars twelve and thirteen years old were used as Hitmen.

The gift of using rationality started at fourteen when two Brothers who were friends of mine, both molested by their older Brother a Teacher invited me to Dinner, upon arrival I entered the House and headed straight to the Dining Room, the table was set, curiosly there were only the Boys and their Brother seated at the Table, no sign of any Parents. I was directed where to sit in the Lamb’s chair to the right of Teachie as the older Brother was called. Small talk developed into sex talks, I was now uncomfortable, not seeing any food on the table and not enjoying the conversation I stood up to leave. With one fell swoon Teachie pounced on me, next thing I know he had a hand full of my Genitals, the more I resisted the tighter the grip became just about in tears. By now the Dinner invitation was all clear, I was the main course to become the stuffed Pig and be Porked. Teachie’s grip of my Genitals were like a pair of Pliers, the two Brothers sat at the Table cowering visibly the sign of molested children, they did nothing or said nothing in my defense. Teachie was in for a crude awakening not knowing that I was a fierce street fighter that was capable of killing at fourteen. Just Days earlier I had beaten a Neighborhood Bully into a Pulp with a large Stick and could have killed him if I had chosen to, then found out that his two older Brothers were Gunmen who had killed before.

Teachie was having fun taunting me he thought he had me, I went into a Shaolin meditation closed my eyes while looking through my mind’s eye as I pinpointed his face. With a Fist closed tightly and three knuckles purtuding, I nailed him in his right eye with everything I had, knowing that I had only one shot and if I blew it my Ass would be his. His eye immediately filled up with Blood, he released his grip and covered his eye. Readying myself for a counter move on his part I picked up the large Steak knife from my place setting at the Table. He was in such pain he didn’t make a move forward or he would have been dead,  I was filled with rage.

The little Minion that was imprisoned in me jumped out stood on my shoulder and told me to Kill all three of them for putting me through such an ordeal. It’s a shame the way some people would ruin other people’s lives just to satisfy their uncontrollable lust. He had ruined his own Brothers lives and thought he could rape every Boy in the Neighborhood. All of this happened across the street from a Police Precinct, the Cops would have heard the screaming, I put down the Knife and walked out, passed the Precinct did not go in and make a report. Those were the good old days when the Victim bore the shame and guilt even if a Priest was the Molester. As far as I’m concerned Molesters are nothing but Dogs in Heat. It was that early in Life that I progressed into the World of Rationality and stayed there for the rest of my Life. If I had Killed Teachie and his Brothers I would not be here today to tell you about all the ill fated people I have known that didn’t use Rationality and so paid the price…. Continue reading on Blogging the Book Page.

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