The Rut


The Rut

Day to Day routine can quickly become a Rut,  monotony dims the Fire of Life. When you are in a rut and the last week or month is a carbon copy of the last, you need to do something different, especially if you are not satisfied with the way your life is going. Great Moments are all that’s left to you when you are sitting in a Nursing Home waiting to die, instead of living out your Life with a Bang as I am doing semi retired living in Tampa Florida. I am still working but every weekend you can find me on the Gulf of Mexico. That is why I recommend that you make a lot of quality time for yourself. Taking Vacations is rewarding yourself for dealing with the unending stress that Life throws at you, the Job, the Family and Life in general. Weekend getaways are a great source of recharging your Sanity so you can return Monday to deal with your Idiot Boss and his Flunkies. When stress is part of your Rut you are playing with Dynamite. People who do things the same way all the time looking for different results are looking through rose colored glasses. It’s not going to happen, if you are in a job that all your efforts go unnoticed and unrewarded while others less deserving moves forward. You are in a Rut.

If you are there for twenty years and your efforts keep moving the company forward all you can expect is Crumbs. You need to break the cycle, the World is full of corruption, why would the workplace be different. When I worked for Solomon Brothers, It was public knowledge that John Gutfreund made 12 million in salaries and another twelve in Bonus. My first year bonus in a low level Position was 8 thousand dollars and John knew who I was and always spoke. This was not a union Job but dedication and the greater good of the Company took priority, we all shared the spoils of profit. Not so for the majority of other Companies that I have worked for, one of them made 100 million in profit one year, we were told that there would be no Bonuses,  the spoils were divvy at the top. Companies like that as long as you are employed you should always be looking to jump Ship. When you are in a rut with Companies like that for twenty five years  they are always  looking to replace you with fresh blood to usurp them the same way that they did you.

People like that aren’t looking out for your best interest, that is your Job. I am not asking for a share of the company or a percentage of the profit, just to be recognized and rewarded accordingly. Sometimes the same situation exist at home, you are neglected, undermined and taken for granted. Great moments and great sex is a distance occurrence, your Dog gets more attention than you do. Again you are in a rut, you can’t leave but you can’t stay, I am not a marriage counselor, I can’t tell you what to do but a blind man can tell you that something is wrong. In an earlier Blog titled Stand up Dad Phil raised his two daughters after their mother ran out of their lives with another man, abandoning the family. He went above and beyond in the Job of raising two Girls, he put them through College living in a Condo he bought so they didn’t have to live in a Dorm.

Those girls made his Life a living Hell while growing up, treated him as if he was the one who abandoned them. In gratitude, when they graduated they moved back Home to finish him off with Stress. They disrespected his new Wife with confrontation daily, with one goal in mind, to split them up. They could not bare to see the Will split three ways and the Mansion going to the Wife. I told Phil many times that he should put them out on the Street, he never listened, all that stress built to the point where he could not function in his Job, he was a hair from mumbling and talking to himself, it got to the point where his home life caused him his job. I  guess his rut succumbed him. All that I am saying is that there comes a point in every life when change must come, especially when your sanity takes a beating. You will never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.

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