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Killer Mom

Killer Mom

I was no more than seventeen, Man about Town or so I thought, until I witnessed one of the most brutal acts of child abuse perpetrated on a kid by his own Mother. One Summer’s afternoon I pulled up to Cindy’s House to pick up her Sister for a Date, she informed me that Joy went to the Store and would return shortly. She invited me in and to make myself at home, Sin as she was called unbeknownst to me for more than just a nickname. She was a Horrible person  a Child abuser and a loose woman with two children. Wasn’t more than five minutes that I sat in the living Room when she returned with two Beers and snuggled up to me so close air could not pass between us.

It appears that Joy her younger Sister was sent on a wild Goose chase and I was now Cindy’s Date. This girl was fast, now I know why she was twenty four with two children six and seven, now she was putting the moves on me looking for her third one. What did I have to complain about, any seventeen year old would be happy to go tell his friends that he was Seduced by a twenty four years old Woman. It was at that early age that I became familiar with bad parenting. Where I come from Moms and Dads were there for your protection. The kids were playing on the floor she was hot with the foreplay and ordered them to go play in their Room. The Girl left the Room as told the Boy was reluctant he stayed put, she called the Girl back into the Room and ordered her to discipline the Boy for not complying.

Never before have I ever seen a Parent using one sibling to discipline another and fifty years later never heard of such a practice.  The Children were standout Karate Students the Girl was one year older and a Brown Belt. Like a Ringmaster at a Dogfight she gave the command to fight, it still hadn’t occurred to me that this was the real deal and this was not the first time, I thought they were only putting on an exhibition for my entertainment. After the first two blows landed to the Boy’s Head I knew that no Karate Instructor in his right Mind would teach kids to fight like that, it was her doings. This was an Evil person destroying two kids.

The Boy put up a valiant effort but was no match for his Sister, now I was embarrassed for All and had to leave. I have regretted being a Dumb seventeen year old who didn’t go down to the corner and returned with a Cop, but that’s what happens when you are seventeen and think you know it  all. That was the case for her also, to be knocked up twice by eighteen and had  been A Bad Parent every step of the way. I will forever be talking about kids becoming Parents, snubbing their own life with Responsibility beyond their capabilities. Being a good Parent is a selfless Act.

How do I know? My Brother was a Dad at seventeen but not a Parent. Life is strange it gives you all the clues as early as you recognize them. Maturity should come early from the School of Life. No! It sheds a group of Mindless people who were never told that Life is not Perfect and never will be. They suffer setbacks and they take it out on the Kids, they split up early and it’s you are just like your Father. It doesn’t stop there sometimes the kid gets what the father would have gotten if he was close by. One month ago a celebrity type jumped to her death in NY holding her seven year hand, because she couldn’t deal with the stress of a messy divorce.We try to give our kids all they need to survive and grow into Adulthood yet not a word about them being parents themselves. Worst of all you weren’t up to the Job yourself. What they say Monkey see Monkey do.

Cindy was a bad Mom but not the worst,and then there are killer Moms and Dads. In my earlier Blog Filicide I laid it out how young frustrated parents kill their infant children for simple things like crying constantly or acting up or to exact revenge on the other parent.  As I have said over and again any Idiot can crawl in the Sack and make a Baby not everyone is up to the Task of Parenting.

Remembering me telling you that being a Parent is a selfless act . I was a late pregnancy everyone told her it was dangerous and she should abort me, despite the fact that she could lose her life she chose to give me life. That is why I simply cannot understand a Parent taking their own kids life. I have been living in the Tampa area for four years and there have been a minimum of six Filicide to date. Sunday September 2nd spawned yet another Baby Killer, after a bitter split and months of abuse to her two years old son Charisse Stinson reported to the Cops that her two years old son Jordan was Kidnapped.

For three Days everyone in my old Neighborhood of Largo Florida is looking for this child. The case is only a week old so I have to mince my words. It is rumored that she had struck the child and he hit his head which produced Seizures. Knowing she had many questions to answer at the Hospital she kept the child overnight, the next day she was seen putting out garbage, the same day the child is reported missing. On Tuesday the child’s Body is found in a wooded area of my old Neighborhood. She is promptly arrested and charged with his Murder. The Girl is twenty and is clueless as to the responsibilities of Parenting what do you expect.

Jordan Belliveau, the 2-year-old toddler who went missing for more than two days, was found dead late Tuesday.

His 21-year-old mother, Charisse Stinson, now faces a charge of first-degree murder in the death of her child.

“As you can imagine, this is an extremely difficult and emotional time for all of us,” said a shaken Largo police Chief Jeffrey Undestad at a night news conference that night.



Largo police revealed no other details about the case, including the cause of Jordan’s death and what evidence or statements may implicate the mother, who struggled to care for her child amidst a chaotic relationship with the father.



This is a Published Article on the Subject of Filicide.


A parent killing a child happens more often than we think

(CNN) It’s the most unfathomable of crimes: a parent killing their own child. It grabs headlines when it happens — like this week in Georgia, where a mom is accused of stabbing four of her children to death. The reality is, filicides happen with depressing regularity in the US. And mothers are almost as likely to be the killers as fathers.

Of course we’re shocked whenever we hear about a parent taking the life of their own children. Think Andrea Yates or Susan Smith. But what’s even more shocking (and sad) is that this type of crime happens a lot. A study in the journal Forensic Science International looked at three decades worth of filicide cases (between 1976 and 2007) and found they occurred about 500 times a year in the US.

Almost 72% of those killed by their own parents were 6 years old or younger.

And one-third of the victims were just babies under 1 year of age.

But more than 13% of the victims were adults, specifically people in ages running from 18 to 40 years old. So the threat of filicide doesn’t go away when people get old enough to move out on their own.

More than 40% of the killers in these crimes were mothers, with fathers making up about 57% of those who killed their own offspring.

Cheryl Meyer, co-author of several books on the subject, said it’s probable that a mother kills a child somewhere in the US once every three days.

Only 10% of the victims were killed by their stepparents. That means 90% of the victims were the biological sons or daughters of the killer. And sons (52%) were more likely to be killed than daughters (38%).

Parents used what the study called “personal weapons” to beat, choke or drown victims in the majority of cases involving underage kids.

If the victims were adults, parents used guns in 72% of such killings.

There are several reasons why

Dr. Timothy Mariano, the study’s lead author, offered up three theories: the parents are often mentally ill, they usually have higher levels of testosterone and the offspring that they kill may be considered unwanted.

Forensic psychiatrist Phillip J. Resnick, pioneer in the study of filicide research, identified five major reasons:

Altruism: The parent kills the child because he or she may perceive it to be in the child’s best interest. It may be reality-based (e.g., the child suffers from a terminal illness) or precede the suicide of the parent, as the parent feels it would be unfair to leave the child behind to face the cruel world.

Acute psychosis: The parent kills the child based on ideas that are inconsistent with reality. For example, the parent believes the child has been possessed by the devil.

Unwanted child: The parent kills the child that he or she regards as a hindrance.

Accidental: The child’s death is an unintentional outcome of parental physical abuse.

Spousal revenge: The parent kills the child in an effort to exact revenge on the other parent.






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