Life, Parenting And Relationships

Mother’s Little Helper

Josie was born Gifted,  she possessed great Love understanding and Empathy, whenever others around her was sad so was she, when they hurt so did she. Her childhood in rural Pennsylvania was filled with bliss, far away from Urban life, nestled in luscious nature was all she needed to grow and flourish. And so did she transcending into the most tranquil of adolescents. Her Parents were overwhelmed with her matured mentality, her attitude of total bliss with her existence. This Child’s Godliness behooved the local Ministry. Her Congeniality with all God’s creatures Humans and Animals alike, mystified even the Fawns that came looking for her at the break of Dawn, while she tended her Vegetables. In School everyone wanted to be close to her, in her presence there was always serenity and control.




At twelve years old the maturity she exhibited was uncommon for her counterparts. At Home she emulated her Mother as a Homemaker, never to be told to do chores. Work ethics beyond a seasoned team player, always filled in whenever needed. When  mother was sick she was the Woman of the House. At twelve years old she cooked cleaned and sewed like a pro. All this talent from being a Mother’s Helper that was a quick learner. Joan her Mom was from the old School, she believed that Kids should not be babied, but be given the tools they need to live as early as possible. Good hygiene, Homemaking and People skills were a must. So it’s no wonder that at age twelve Josie was now prepared to take over the job of running the Household with Mom’s failing Health. As Joan’ s health progressively deteriorated, she was filled with pride and sorrows. Proud of her Daughter’s maturity, sad to know that she was leaving this Beautiful Angel to finish the job of raising herself, and keeping her Dad from giving up on Life.


Joan’s Passing left a huge void in everyone’s life, most of all her Husband, to him the blow was devastating. He progressively withdrew from  Life, he barely maintained his Job with the strength and encouragement from Josie. She was the Pillar of his sanity, a constant reminder of her Mother, which made things easy and hard. Her devotion to mentally nourish Dad back to Life was an unbecoming talent of anyone child or adult. When her Father locked himself in his room of depression, she would bring him out with gentle levity, like excuse me sir have you seen my Dad. He immediately knew what she was saying and responded with gratitude and Love. Without this kid’s tenacity to give and to Love he would not have been able to overcome the loss. With Josie around he had no need to run for the shelter of Mother’s Little Helper.


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