Safe Driving

Sucks To Be Me

The Driver

It’s a fact of life, the majority of People learning a skill will settle for marginal to good, very few aspire for excellence.Of all the places to be marginal it’s not Driving. If a Doctor settled for marginal, in your time of need he would not be there. Same for Driving, when the time comes for you to Perform you won’t be there for you and the poor fool who puts your life and his in your hands. In Pinellas County 14,15 and 16 Kids are out four am in the morning stealing cars and racing them over 100 MPH to their death all for the thrill of it. It’s the example that we set for them that Driving is a mindless game and that we are all Racecar Drivers.

One day while traveling on Interstate 81 in Pennsylvania descending Hazelton into Mountain Top, at the point where 80 and 81 intersects 300 yards away a blind Bend awaits, as I entered the Bend at 65 MPH 15 MPH over the speed limit, the Traffic came to a full stop. Still approaching stalled traffic  I began working on my Breaks with short quick stabs in order to not lock them up and farther shoving the VW embedded under the Tractor Trailer, whose Driver’s Head just rolled past me on the Highway. It appears that the Driver of the VW had approached the Bend too fast and reacted slowly to the stalled Traffic.

Witnessing something like that only make me stronger in my commitment to myself and my Driving instructor . Drive like I’m the only one out there that knows what I am doing. He Harped those words like he was selling something to me, I bought it and have saved my life and others many times. Lesson learned from the V.W. Never over-drive. Overdrive is when you Drive faster than you can see or stop, such as a Blind Bend, heavy Fog, poor Lightning or being intoxicated. Heavy Fog, another time while traveling interstate 80 in the Poccono Mountains on a crisp Winter Afternoon, Skies clear and Sun shining. At the Crest of this Mountain lays a flat strip of Roadway, for two hundred yards it was covered with 2-3 inches of Snow and at least 100 Drivers smacking into each other and into the Woods, everything from fender benders to kissing Trees in the Woods. As I approached the Crest I realized that We had just entered an Atmospheric Disturbance.

The 100 plus Drivers ahead of me had Overdriven themselves into it. As soon as my eyes focused through the Thick Snowflakes, I saw once again Traffic coming to a stand still on 2-3 inches of Snow, dead ahead is a Tractor Trailer waiting for me to rear end him and the Van behind me who is still coming too fast to push me into the Truck. If I apply my Breaks too hard I am going to skid into the Truck, with the touch of a Feather I veered away from the Truck to find safety in the middle Lane, the Van following me rear ended the Truck everyone else was in the Woods, as I approached the Crest I took my Foot off the gas because I could not see beyond twenty yards.Thats what not Overdriving is all about.

Am I the only one who walked away from that Fiasco with the idea that Overdriving is bad any time of the Day on any Road surface. There is a time for Running and there is a time to stay within the Safety Apparatus(speed limit) when I am traveling interstate I keep it between ten and fourteen MPH over the speed limit, the faster I travel the higher the awareness and diligence, knowing that whatever can go wrong will go wrong, all the more reason not to Overdrive. It’s only a Fool that exceeds speed limits by 20-30 or 40 MPH the outcome, huge fines loss of License and loss of lives. Sometimes I think that it sucks to be me, always looking out for Fools who think that Driving is a mindless game. At that point I reflect back to all the bad accidents that I have seen and realize that someone have to be the Driver.

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