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Making Connections




Connecting with people is one of the coolest things, encountering someone for the first time and within 10-15 minutes you are talking with them like you know them. Communicating and touching each other’s soul mentality and spiritually. These are the moments that I live for, here I am sitting in the Park at the farthest of six Gazebos, minding my own business trying to create my next Blog . It was noon so people eating their lunch at a Park Bench is common. What is uncommon is that they choose my Bench (my space). Two Ladies walked right up to my Bench bypassing five others, at that point I could have been a Snob or acted in an unfriendly manner, got up and changed Benches, as many would do seeing all the other empty tables but choose mine. They asked me if I mind, I welcomed them, one lady inquired about my camera equipment, being a people person I opened up. I introduced myself and began to tell them that I was a Blogger and that I wrote on my own Website. She asked for my website address punched it in scanned it quickly and asked what do I write about.





Unwittingly she had opened the Floodgates of dialogue, we spoke for a good while about a lot of things. Finally we got around to the subject of Parenting. Then she posed the hardest question about parenting, what do you do with Children that you pour your Heart, Soul and resources into and the underBelly of Society intrigues them more than embracing your Values. My response was lightning, you leave them alone after the umpteenth time of beating your Gums. I elaborated, some people you can perform Lobotomy on and you are not going to change their way of thinking and who they choose to be. She agreed instantly and congratulated me for the insight. It’s almost time to go, they had to go meet her Daughter high up in the RNA’ s Rankings, seemed the daughter worked long hours at the Hospital. So when the opportunity arises to spend time together they jumped on it. I am loving every minute of it, some kids grow up get their Degrees, their dream jobs and Homes and forget, as my mother would say who put them there.




My perception of this Lady was that she was a hardworking woman who had raised her children to the best of her ability, had success with some and not with others. It appears that she had either seen or experienced the heartbreaking trauma of pouring your Life in a child and they turn out to be Bastards that you don’t even know who or what they are. Something that many of us fail to understand is that Children are their own individual Being. You can try your best to mold them into World Class Citizens, if they choose otherwise, you are not going to change them. I went to High School with a Minister’s son who sold his affections to the highest bidder.  I used to kid my mother that she brought home the wrong baby from the Hospital. Many times it seemed like I was right, the grief that I caused. Some of us kids find their way to the Light and become enlightened to the fact that our Parents aren’t our Enemies. I continued by telling her that when we have done our best and they turn out bad, that those are just blows that life throws at us. Also that it’s for us to deal with it and move forward.




It’s one thing to write about the subject and another to speak up front, up close and personal with one who picked your Brain to see how much you know about the subject that you are writing about. As a parent, been there, growing up badass ,been there done that. That’s why it doesn’t surprise me how people choose to live their lives and who they choose to be. This was one of the best encounter with a stranger. We said goodbye and just like that a bond was formed and I had a new reader on the Site. So there it is in a nutshell people being people and getting along. It’s amazing how we focus on the bad in people and forget to embrace the good when we encounter it. As I have said before I could have been a Snob, instead we communicated and touch each other’s lives, isn’t it a shame that the World can’t live like this.  “Reach out and touch somebody’s hand and make this World a better place ” Diana Ross.

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