The Other Half



As the Song goes don’t surrounded yourself with yourself, never more so true when it comes to Travel. My Mother didn’t leave us with any money, she didn’t make a lot of it but she spent whatever she made wisely. She took care of us well and she didn’t deprive herself. She thought us well, lead by example, I don’t know how she did it but she knew how to save money.



Some people save feverish to die and leaving their money for people undeserving. Not to say that describes me. She knew how short and unpredictable Life was so she always found the time and resources to Travel. Treating and pampering yourself is not an option, you work hard to afford the luxuries of Life. One of her favorite quotes “if you don’t travel you don’t know how the other half lives” how true. Considering that if you only play in your Sandbox you could never experience the pristine waters of Clearwater Beach or the Turquoise sparkle of Montego Bay.


Mother should have written Travel Blogs, whenever she returned from her Cruise Ship travels, Days on in she would have us mesmerized telling stories of fine living and Dining at the Captain’s Table. Somewhat of a Celebrity I guess Dining with the Captain. Laying on the Subject Deck as long as you want reflecting on how hard you work all year long. Your contribution to the Company making one hundred million Dollars, then saying that there will be no Bonus this year and all the other Crap you put up with all in the name of making a living.



That’s what Vacations and breaking away from the Drudgery of life is all about. Remember all work and no play will burn you out and make you do stupid things like I did as a youngster like going to work, punch in and punch right back out after deliberating the entire ride to work if I should continue putting up with my idiot Boss. There are so many other reasons for breaking away such as your Health, bottled up stress will kill you, when I met Henry he told me that he had ten thousand Dollars stached money that his wife knew nothing about.



Henry had worked all his life on the Waterfront, never took a vacation or a Cruise Ship weekend Getaway, decided to retire at sixty. Seems that his wife had always put her Family ahead of him, that is the story for the ten thousand Dollars. One Day she moved in a Nephew without discussing it with him, living next door I couldn’t help overhearing the intense discussion, then there was dead silence, this was the last straw for Henry, the stressful discussion had killed him. Retired at sixty never collected one Social Security Check, never took a vacation and never got to spend that ten thousand Dollars, for that matter no one did because I was the only one who knew of it’s existence and told no one else. Now if that’s not a Story for you to call your Travel Agent, well go ahead and take it with you the way the Pharaohs did.

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