Safe Driving

Pizza Delivery Drivers

Today I observed a Pizza Delivery Driver on a Route and a Run that he had used over two hundred times. Waited until he was within twenty feet to the entrance of his Famous Pizza Shop entrance crossed three Lanes of traffic to make the entrance. That’s how much his Life and yours is worth.

There is never a good enough reason for you to drive like a Taxi Driver or a Pizza delivery Driver, driving too fast cutting people off not signalling and making right on red without coming to a full stop. I am often perplexed when I see people who are usually level headed, gets behind the wheel and mister Hyde takes over and all you see is a Bubble Head Teenager, at any age.

Nothing like watching a sixty years old person driving like he just got his license and he is still racing downhill. The more time you spend driving the better Driver you should aspire to become. The numerous Roadside Graves that I have seen, monuments with flowers to remember a lost one at the spot where they lost their lives, that is enough inspiration for me to drive like I am the only one out there that knows what he is doing. That should also serve you well knowing that Highway safety statistics are created by our driving habits. No one goes out looking to have accidents, it’s the way we drive that creates them, barreling through traffic, tailgating and crossing three lanes of traffic to get to your exit Ramp. Take a good look at yourself you are barely able to change lanes and focus on your mirror, yet you are Texting and fidgeting with your Android. I guess it hasn’t registered to some people that the moment you turned the ignition, it’s lights, action Camera you are on. It’s your moment to be a shining example to other Drivers of how serious you take your driving and how good you are at it. You are only fooling yourself thinking that you are that good you can Text and Drive, it’s only a matter of time before you realize that taking your eyes off the Road for two seconds can be of monumental consequences.

The Roadways are overcrowded as it is and crawling with bad Drivers who do stupid things for no reason, you don’t need anymore distractions. Two seconds at 45 mph is not enough time. The commute is one of my favorite part of the day, my car comes equipped with a Bose system, I use my one hour drive to catch up on my thoughts and to lose myself in the music. Most people dread the commute because they have been driving the same way all their lives, with no game plan and no plan B so if there’s an accident they are late. They haven’t learned that it’s better to get to work half an hour early than five minutes late. Me I leave my house giving myself enough time that if the Road is shut down I still get to work on time. I once knew a man who never made it to work on time in one year, can you imagine how he drove everyday, he did seventy in a thirty five Mph zone.  When you drive like a maniac you don’t give people a chance if they make a mistake. The bad thing about speeding is that you don’t know the damage that those extra twenty Mph can do until your car is embedded in someone front seat and they are in it.

If your hunger for speed is so overwhelming that it becomes second nature you need to see an accident scene where three teens fourteen, fifteen and sixteen lost their lives driving in excess of one hundred Mph. It appears to me that attitude is the biggest setback in creating good Motorists. One of the things that my Driving instructor hammered was, when you get behind the wheel, lose the attitude, the childlike mentality and behavior. Whatever that irks you in life should not affect your mental attitude behind the wheel this is not the place to act out. All that does is it instigates fellow drivers to act accordingly, now you have Road Rage. I don’t matter what eats at you, not personal matters like your home life your job or your relationships. When you get behind the wheel your number one job is to focus on the task of driving, being focused and adept saves lives.

The Driver who mowed down a Mother crossing the street with her three year old and one year old left no skid marks, the one year old died. How does one live with themselves after killing a one year old child because you weren’t paying attention. You hear about these awful occurrences on the Roadways but it doesn’t hit home until you are involved. I chose this subject because you hear conversation about everything under the sun except driving, why is that, is it that most drivers are mediocre and they have nothing to share in the area of expertise. They will tell you about their near misses and the bad wrecks that aren’t their fault, but they have nothing to tell of their evasive maneuvers like taking the vehicle off the Road to avoid running into an accident scene littered with vehicles all over the Road. It’s those split second decisions that saves lives, and are worth talking  about.

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