Birds Of Prey/Human Danger

Human Danger

A Heron with feathers platinum gray , on an Autumn day with the Skies over  Gray. Chose me for a friend , a Species of the wild, to them  Humans aren’t  trusted,  to us they become  Pets . He allowed me to photograph him almost to the point of touch. After I had scared it to death, all over it with Camera Lens , then decided to perch on the Hedge fifteen feet away, there he stayed the  entire time I wrote this Blog. Making eye contact with me like a chicken hawk, or an intrigued Eagle.

Not mad not aggressive only intent of letting me know that we’re all here on this planet together, though he can’t trust me to perch on my shoulder, without fear of me doing the right thing. Thanks for enlightening me as to your trust however small. I decided to push my lenses in video, fed him with Bread which he didn’t need, he walked away from me to return this time within ten feet . where he hung until I left. Is this love that I am feeling. After a while he ate the Bread because he was comfortable that I would not do anything to hurt him. You hear stories about people making pets out of wild animals such as Tigers  and you wonder how could they trust them. Well my friend the shoe is on their foot trusting us.

We are the only species that kill for fun and for no other reason than uncontrolled rage, and hate so why should they ever trust us. Look at the fine Cats we wear on our backs, the fine Ivory that sits on our shelves. We are forever swimming against the Tide of natural balance. That’s why when a different  species befriends me I shudder with chills knowing that they use their exceptional senses to feel me out and know that they are safe around me, and not judge me to be like all the other rest. I have a long history of being befriended by all God’s creatures, like the time sitting on the River Banks and was surrounded by hundreds of Cardinals who have been known to be aggressive, and not one attacked.


Another time traveling northern Pennsylvania driving a company’s Truck to deliver building supplies to a jobsite in Erie. A Canadian Gross Hawk dive-bombing a prey from high up in the Sky, misjudged the moving truck, slammed into its side bounced off and landed in the Woods. I immediately pulled over and ran to its rescue.
My coworker out of curiosity ran over to the injured Bird, when we caught up to it we were both sharing a sight of wonderment. The Hawk had six feet wingspan and Talons bigger than my big hands. My coworker quickly backed off from helping the wounded Bird, saying this thing will kill us both for fun. As I said before only Humans kill for fun.

I ran to the Truck for water and ice, I have always known how to administer first aid since nine years old. I stuck my hand out to inspire good will, he waived his huge Talon at my hand. I realized that if I was going to help it first I had to get it to trust me. I gave it Water and food, I knew it would enjoy raw Chicken. A bond was now formed, we were now friends, administering first aid was easy. I made a bed in the back of the Truck and place this huge Bird of Prey not worrying that it could cut my throat with one swipe with it’s Talons. I took this majestic and fearsome Bird to the Jobsite, opened the Truck’s gate and everyone Ran. I felt like my name was Tarzan when I extended my hand and this Bird who never before came in contact with a human came to me. He knew that I could be trusted, when it came time to set this majestic creature free, my coworker wanted to keep it as a Pet. I told you, that’s the way Humans are.That is why they don’t trust us. If they can’t domesticate it they Kill it. The Hawk was set free after I told him that having possession of an endangered species carried a five thousand dollars fine and five years in prisons.                          

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