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Raising Themselves


Raising Themselves

This is the part of working in the  Resort business that I love. Meeting people from all walks of life, from all over the world. Today I met a Teacher on her Honeymoon,  the conversation started with my Name tag, to where I was from, to parenting to Marriage. On the latter she wanted to know the secret of a long and happy marriage. I began by telling her that I have been married for thirty seven years,  also that without fidelity, communication, respect,  giving and taking I would not be here thirty seven years later giving advice. Next the subject of parenting ensued and how many kids I had, also my secret to their level of consciousness. I began  telling her that by being interactive in their lives by setting guidelines and boundaries, interjecting values and responsibility also telling them to select their friends instead of being selected. She was glued and mesmerized, I was rattling off with the advice. Then I broke the secret that I Blog about all we just discussed. She thought I was pulling her leg, went to the Site and was now a fan.

Even though I was enjoying the conversation, I thought to myself I should be moving on I had work to do that the shift before did not accomplish, also she was a newlywed that probably wanted to go upstairs and get busy.
Then she hits me with what do you think about Android Babies, children given the most expensive of Devices to fill the void of  parenting and not interacting in their lives. I said to myself oh my Lord, she just opened up a can of Worms that would take the entire Honeymoon to properly address. I thought, how can I put it in a nutshell quickly. My response, Children put in a position of raising themselves is equivalent to when I was growing up being raised by a single parent who had to work so we could eat.


We were called latch key children, when we came home from school there was no one home for hours. We either prioritize by doing homework, cleaning up our mess and probably start preparing dinner so when she gets home there’s little to do.  For a weak and misguided child that is a recipe for being a badass Brat.  She was not a stay at home mom so there was a lot that we didn’t benefit, from her always being there. Nonetheless it wasn’t as bad as your Kid being glued to his Android while you are trying to have a conversation with, and he treats you like an old Married Man reading the Newspaper.


A child in that situation(latch-key) has to grow up fast making sound decisions in how they spent their time and who they choose to be friends with. I told you that when I was fourteen I was smoking marijuana with a twelve year old that went to Catholic school. Both of us were lucky to have interactive parenting to turn our lives around. My mother busted me at fourteen with an ounce of Weed which started intervention. Without her interactive parenting I probably would have been a big Dealer by twenty. That didn’t happen, because the Foundation of Responsibility was laid so was the Path filled with values.

Allowing kids to raise themselves comes with no small consequence.  Case in point a sixteen year old honor student had sex with a classmate, video tape and posted it. When confronted by the school he jumped to his death. It appears that this Kid a Brilliant Student got caught up in the Social Media Madness of Viral Infamy and lost his sense of  judgment and Responsibility for his Dignity and the Girls. His Parents are Suing the School, where does the Responsibility bouncing stop.
In my opinion he committed Suicide because of being Guilt Ridden. I ended the conversation with the Teacher by telling her what the Video Arcade owner told me when I was sixteen. You can’t play video all Day, you can’t get Stoned all Day, you can’t have Sex all day, you need to structure your Life. A lot of Adults can’t do that and you expect a Kid to have those Skills.

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