Safe Driving

Safe Driving

Sometimes good fortune finds us unwittingly. At 17 I started going to Driving School, My good fortune was my Driving instructor. He wasn’t only interested in getting paid or me passing the Road Test. This was someone who loved his job and was motivated in creating good Motorists, not just another mediocre Driver, because the average Driver out there is just that. His instructions have kept me and many others alive. After more than 45 years of Driving, many of them Commercially, I have realized that the average Driver is contended with mediocrity until it hits the Fan, then it’s oh my god. It should never have to come to that. The greatest Driving tip he gave to me was to Drive like I am the only one out there that knows what I am doing and to always know where I’m on the Road. Always know who is in front, beside and behind you. I took that advice to the next level, who is above you. Some States use Helicopters to monitor Highway safety.

When approaching a stop Light at forty five or better, quarter mile before you get to the light you should have assessed the Driver behind you to know if he is tailing you too close to stop if the Light change. If he is, you need to change lanes before you get there. That’s how you avoid rear end. That advice falls under the heading( partial negligence) . There are a lot of ways we can avoid accidents if you Drive like you are the only one who knows what they are doing. You are traveling on a main Road with many cross streets, speed limit is forty five, you are doing fifty you need to have your Peripheral vision focused steadily at a half a mile. Impatience, misjudgment and gambling are the major causes of intersection accidents. You need to be the better Driver knowing that whatever can go wrong will go wrong, that way when they screw up you are ready.

I don’t know about you but I get a feeling of superiority when I anticipate an accident and avoid it because I am always looking out for the other guy. Looking out for the other guy is a way of life because there are far too many people behind the wheel that should not be there, Incompetence, impatience, impairment and bad temperament are just a few. That’s why you need to step up your game to compensate for the idiots who is trying to put you in an early Grave. Every time I pass a bad accident where the Road is shut down and there are numerous EMT and fire Rescue vehicles I become a better Driver. Yesterday I turned on the News to find out that a young Woman from my Neighborhood lost her Life on the Route that I take to work. The Road is posted 50 MPH. The Police indicated that she was traveling too fast, made a mistake and overcompensated, rolling the vehicle several times. Thank God there were no other vehicles involved.

To most people coming up on an accident like that doesn’t strike a note or nerve they drive the same way until it’s their turn to be carried away in a Body Bag. Your job is to avoid people like that, by Driving like you are the only one out there that knows what you are doing. There are far too many Suicide Drivers out there for you not to take your Driving seriously. My Commute is quality time for me, surrounded by fine Leather a Bose Stereo System and a Console that Prompts me to listen to my Text messages or dismiss. Why would I want to get in an accident and short Circuit the Computer. My Car does 170 MPH to some people that is a Weapon, to me It’s a tool to avoid mindless Drivers setting up accidents. I am sure by now you guessed it that I am an enthusiast, but most importantly I Drive to Live.

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